Five Inexpensive Fall Fashion Trends

Fall is here.  Let the shopping begin.  Most of you are thinking about sprucing up your fall fashion wardrobe.  So what trends should you be shopping for?  Even more importantly, what stores have the best deals?  Well lucky for you I’ve done my homework so you don’t have to.

With the help of InStyle, Vogue and Fashionising I’ve created a list of my top five fall fashion trends. Pick all of them or only one.  No matter which one you pick you’re sure to add some sophistication and adventure to any outfit this fall, at the right price.

Top Five Fall Fashion Trends

Here are my top five.  Starting with my favorite, the full, ladylike skirt.

1.  Full Skirt

I love this trend.  Full skirts do wonders for the female silhouette. This style of skirt is tailored to sit right at the waist and then flow down, accentuating the smallest part of the female frame.  Ladylike skirts are the epitome of femininity.  Pair the skirt with a shear top and high heels for a more modern look.  The best part about this trend is that your local thrift store is loaded with the item.  Ladylike skirts from the 50s and 60s shouldn’t cost you more than a few dollars.

Full skirt for fall.

Skirt from ModCloth, only $44.99.

2. Military

Green military jacket.

Forever 21, $42.00.

I know what your thinking, military, again?  Don’t get upset, you’re saving money here my fellow fashionistas.  Finally, you’re getting your money’s worth out of a trend.  The military look is clean cut and sharp, the exact opposite of the feminine look of a ladylike skirt.  The benefit to this look is that it offers a sense of order and power to any outfit.  My favorite military trend is the army jacket, but the aviation look is in as well.  One tip, avoid camouflage.  You can pair it with jeans and a great pair of leather boots.

Black lace top.

Lace top for $26.00, from Figleaf.

3. Lace Clothing

This is one trend that must be executed with care and restraint.  I ask you, please be tasteful when shopping for a lace garment. You aren’t walking runways; you are walking the streets of the real world.  An entire lace outfit doesn’t leave much to the imagination, nor is it very tasteful.  My favorite look is the lace cardigan or a top with a few lace cutouts.  With the right pants and heels you have a great outfit for a night out.

4. Camel Colored Anything

Camel is a great color that isn’t season specific; it just so happens that it is a color of choice this season.  I bet you already have some camel colored garments in your closet.  Lucky you.  If you don’t, buy a camel coat, sweater, bag, or pair of shoes and you’ll be set all the way through spring.  Camel is a neutral, so it plays nicely with other garments.  Camel sweaters, pants, and shoes pair nicely with brown, white, blue, and black items already in your closet.

Urban Outfitters camel sweater.

Simple camel sweater from Urban Outfitters, only $48.00

5. Parka

H and M green parka.

H and M green parka for only $39.99.

This is a great fall trend, even though the item has been around for a few decades.  The new parka is more tailored and when paired with the right items can be the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.  Not to mention the added warmth of having a jacket that protects you from the elements.  Stylish and practical, does it get any better than that?

Those are the five items on my fall fashion shopping list.  So how did I do? Does my top five match yours, or did I miss something?  Let me know what you think.

Frugal Shopping Tip

You didn’t think I’d let you get away without a money saving tip, did you?  Well, here it is.

Frugal Fashion Tip: shop for seasonal trends after a season has already begun.

Some fashionistas advocate shopping for seasonal trends in advance.  I disagree on this issue.  I argue, use what you already have until a new season officially begins.  This way you can shop sales.  By the time fall weather hits, stores are putting fall fashions on sale to make way for holiday merchandise.  If you can stand the wait, you’ll save a lot of money.

According to The Budget Fashionista there is no reason to shop this fall, because all the trends are repeats.  I have to disagree.  There are plenty of reasons to shop. New spins on old trends are what frugal fashionistas live for.  Repeat to me means inexpensive.  You can save money by picking up reinvented trends from thrift stores and reusing what you already have.  This fashion season should be kind on your wallet.  Will you be shopping fall trends this fall?

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5 Responses to Five Inexpensive Fall Fashion Trends

  1. ltsxyfce says:

    Military style is great. Can’t wait to see how it’s being sported this fall.

  2. I agree, I can’t to see how creative people get this fall with military style.

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  4. ROTHCO says:

    Military jackets are everywhere now. Same goes for hats, military boots and gloves that are classically stylish and inexpensive accessories.

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