Frugal Fashion Shopping List

A donut scarf.

Hopefully fashions shaped like foods won't be on your shopping list.

Have you ever gone to the grocery store hungry and without a shopping list?  If you have, then you know how disastrous it can be.  Without your shopping list you have no guidelines.  You end up with more food than you need, because everything in sight sounds delicious.  Not to mention the more food you buy, the more money you spend. Smart shoppers make a list of what they need, and enjoy a small treat before heading down the aisles of their local supermarkets.  This got me thinking, about all the times I’ve gone to the mall and spent more than I need to.  What if I could make a shopping list, to set limits, beforehand.

Tools to Create a Fashion Shopping List

A few weeks ago I was doing research for my blog and stumbled upon three great fashion sites.  The first being Polyvore, a website that allows you to make an image collage of fashion items, creating a complete outfit.  The second site is allows people, from all over the world, to post images of outfits they have created as inspiration for others.  The third site is Weardrobe, like, it is an outfit sharing site.  Weardrobe provides a platform for people to share photos of what they wear.  So what do these sites have to do with my recent obsession with saving money, via the restrictions of a shopping list?  They are the shopping lists.


How do you make a shopping list on Polyvore?  It’s simple.  Polyvore allows you to browse through current fashion items, put the ones you like in a collage, print, and shop. With shopping list in hand, or collage in this case, you’ll know exactly what your shopping for. This is a tool to help set your purchasing limits, so you won’t buy more than you need. Polyvore features items from high end designers.  So your challenge is to use the collage, and find the look for less.

An item collage from Polyvore.

My fashion shopping list for a great fall outfit, designed at Polyvore.

This outfit cost a ridiculous $4, 438.  A price I’m sure none of you are willing to pay.  I challenged myself to find the look for less.  I kept the ring and necklace from the original because they were a steal.

The total for this outfit is $351.70.  A lot less in comparison to the outfit on the shopping list.  However, the shopping list kept me from spending money on items I hadn’t already budgeted for.  How much would you spend on this outfit?

LOOKBOOK.NU and Weardrobe and Weardrobe make it even easier to generate a shopping list.  You simply log onto the site, find an outfit you like, print it out, and start searching for your own frugal version.  These two sites allow you to keep up with fashion trends all over the world. Both sites are a great source for fashion inspiration.

A fashionable look posted by Sydney on Weardrobe.

I liked this look that Sydney posted on Weardrobe.

Frugal Fashion Tip

So how does shopping while your hungry apply to this? I thought a tip of a different kind might be helpful this week.

Frugal Fashion Tip: Shopping burns a lot of energy.  So you might be tempted to buy an Auntie Anne’s pretzel or Orange Julius while shopping.  Save yourself some money and calories, and eat a healthy snack before leaving home.  I recommend something like greek yogurt or oatmeal with blueberries.  Both will keep you feeling fuller longer, but not so full you’ll dread trying on clothes.

Image provided by Inventor Spot.

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4 Responses to Frugal Fashion Shopping List

  1. stefaniemoore says:

    This weekend I hit the grocery store on an empty stomach without a list. Major mistake! Great tips here. I’m excited to make a shopping list on one of these sites.

  2. After reading your posts all I want to do is make a list and go shopping. Only problem is, I just got back from Washington D.C. and I am broke!! However, next time I go shopping I will make sure to use one of those sites to make a list. I have never heard of anything like that before. I also agree with you and Stefanie–shopping at the grocery store with no list and on a empty stomach can turn out to be a major problem!

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