Three Free Personal Stylists

Racks of clothes and shoes.

Stylists bring racks of clothes to celebrities and help them pick what works best.

Have you ever noticed that celebrities and socialites always look stylish and well put together?  How do they do it? I’ve come to two conclusions.  First, some women and men are just born with the ability to make any outfit look effortless and figure flattering.  My second, more realistic and expensive conclusion, is that they depend on the hired help of a fashion stylist.  Fashion stylist can charge $125 an hour to offer their fashion expertise.  The more accomplished the stylist, the more they charge.

How to get Fashion Advice for Free

I don’t know too many girls, if any at all, who have money to blow on a personal stylist. I’m guessing if you’re reading this you don’t have the money either.  So what are girls with average fashion sense and a tight budget to do?  The answer to this question might shock you.  Believe it or not, I was able to come up with three free personal stylist websites anyone can use to get fashion advice.


WhoWhatWear is a website dedicated to following fashion trendsetters and reporting on new trends.  The website also offers subscribers the option to ask fashion experts any fashion question they might desire.  For example, let’s say you read one of my earlier posts, and bought a trendy green military inspired jacket.   You love the jacket, but your’re losing sleep at night because you can’t seem to find boots that match.  Snap a few pictures of your new jacket, and ask the website’s stylists to suggest some appropriate boots for you.  Fashion dilemma solved, free of charge.

French Connection

Maybe you don’t have time to wait on a reply from a sytlist.  You procrastinated and need fashion advice pronto.  Have no fear, French Connection has launched a YouTube channel called Youtique, where you are just one click away from outfits on demand.  The channel offers advice on what to wear to a range of events.  They have you covered from weddings to trips to the city.  However, I don’t suggest procrastinating on fashion advice.  Check out the YouTube channel prior to the event, so you can plan a shopping trip if need be.

This Blog

Blogs like this offer a great platform for fashion advice.  I’m sure by now you’re all aware of my obsession with fashion.  If you have fashion questions post them on my blog.  I would love to help my readers become more stylish versions of themselves.  I promise to offer good advice, free of charge.  Also, other readers might have tips and advice for you as well.

Where do you get your style advice?  Will you use any of the ideas I have suggested?

Frugal Fashion Tip

We may not want to admit it, but we all have a friend who is a little more stylish than we are.  Don’t get jealous.  If you have a friend who likes to keep up with current trends ask her to do a clothes swap.  Raid her closet for something new and give her something of yours in return.  By swapping clothes you’ll have one of her items as collateral, you won’t have to worry about not getting your stuff back.  It’s an inexpensive way to mix up your wardrobe.

Image provided by styleposh.

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