Taylor Swift: Fashion Leader and Public Relations Goddess

Taylor Swift in a white dress.

Musician, Taylor Swift.

A few days ago I was watching the Ellen DeGeneras show and Taylor Swift was her feature guest.  She was well spoken, dressed to perfection, and of course her quirky charming self.  She has this ability to make you listen to and believe every word that comes out of her mouth.  That’s when it hit me.  The Taylor Swift that my college friends and I used to belt out and dance around the house to is much more than a musician.  My fashionista and PR brain kicked into action.  I realized, I love Taylor Swift for two very different reasons.  First, her fashion sense is impeccable.  I would wear every dress I have ever seen her in.  Second, she is a model for best practices when it comes to using the web and Facebook to engage an audience.

Taylor Swift: Fashion Leader

A few weeks ago I did a post on three free stylists.  Well I guess I should have included Taylor Swift on that list.  The girl knows how to dress.  Taylor Swift Fashion is a blog dedicated to following the musician and her fashions.  Carmen, the author of the blog, posts photos of Taylor’s outfits and informs her readers of where to get her exact look, or a similar look for less.  Naturally, I’m a fan of getting the look for less.  So why do I love Taylor’s fashion sense so much?

  • Everything she wears is the epitome of femininity.
  • Her style is effortless, flattering, and fun.
  • Her clothing choices are in harmony with who she is as a person.
  • She puts her own twist on current trends.

Taylor Swift in a black lace dress by Tadashi Shoji.

Taylor Swift in a black lace dress by Tadashi Shoji.

Black Lace Dress by dELiAs

Get Taylor's look for less at dELiAs.com for $44.50.










Taylor Swift: Public Relations Goddess

One of my professors recently shared a Facebook fan page best practices article with my class.  After reading the article, I realized that Taylor Swift excels at using Facebook and the web to engage her fans and make them feel appreciated.  It is obvious that Taylor Swift’s Facebook fan page as well as her official website are dedicated to giving her fans an inside look at her life and dreams.  From a PR perspective there are three things that I contribute to Taylor’s success:

  1. Transparency: On her site and fan page Taylor keeps her fans updated about what she is up to and how she is feeling.  Her website even has a journal, where she posts her thoughts and personal pictures.

    Journal entry from Taylor Swift.

    One of Taylor's journal entries on her website.

  2. Engaging: Taylor does a great job of engaging her fans.  Not only does Taylor interact with her fans through her fan page and website, but fans are interacting with one another, building a community of Taylor lovers.  On her website Taylor has a page dedicated to forums.  She uses this page to post news and special announcements.  Fans can also post comments and suggestions on the forum, making them feel valued.

    Screen shot of Taylor Swift's website forum.

    Screen shot of Taylor Swift's website forum.

  3. Multimedia: Taylor does a great job using videos on her website and fan page to connect with her fans, while still promoting her personal brand.  Fans can watch videos of Taylor anytime from her fan page and her Taylor TV channel.  Every video of Taylor emphasizes that she is living her dreams, being true to herself, and no amount of fame will change her.

Do you guys agree? Is Taylor stylish? Does she do a great job of connecting with her fans?

Frugal Fashion Tip

Save $5 a day for rest of November, and use the money to buy yourself a new outfit for the holidays.  At the end of the month you will have $100 to spend on some festive fashion finds.  Do you like to dress up for the holidays? Good luck.

Images provided by SBNationGlamour, and dELiAs.

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2 Responses to Taylor Swift: Fashion Leader and Public Relations Goddess

  1. Colleen says:

    I absolutely love this blog on Taylor Swift. I have been reading your other blogs and your tips have really helped me become a thrifty shopper. Since I recently started a full-time job saving $5 a day as you stated in this blog, and using your mathematical formula for number of uses to determine if the item is worth the buy has really helped me become fashionable at work while not hurting my wallet!

    Keep the fashion and money saving tips coming!

    • I’m glad I was able to help you find a few ways to save some hard-earned money for shopping. When you think about it $5 a day isn’t a whole lot, but it adds up quickly. For me, I can go without Starbucks a couple a days a week if it means I can afford a new outfit for work. More tips coming soon. I’m glad you are enjoying them!

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