Fashion Trend: Bright Orange

It’s wintertime, and I find myself always wearing black, grey, or dark blue clothes.  Like clockwork my bright, colorful, and fun wardrobe takes a turn down dreary lane every December.  With all the cold wind and snow on the ground it is difficult to mix bright colors into daily outfits.  However, I’ve decided to make a conscious effort to not let the winter weather bring my style down.  According to Glamour’s Slave to Fashion: Daily Style Blog, the color orange is a great way to spice up a drab winter wardrobe.

Bright orange maybe all over the runways, but you don’t have to pay designer prices.  I’ve found some inexpensive orange fashion fixes that will help you feel sunny even when the weather outside is anything but.

5 Orange Fashion Fixes

1. Sweaters

I love to wear sweaters in the wintertime because they are easy to layer and really keep you warm.  Wear a bright orange or coral colored sweater with jeans and a pair of boots, and you’ll be toasty warm.

Land's End Canvas Boyfriend Sweater, $16.99.

Women's solid fine gauge boyfriend v-neck sweater, only $16.99.

2. Dresses

A girl can never have too many dresses.   A simple dress is perfect for colder weather, because it can be paired with tights, heels, and a chunky sweater.  This dress, from American Apparel, is the perfect inspiration piece for any outfit.

Orange Scoop Neck American Apparel Dress, $35.00.

Get this simple dress from American Apparel, only $35.00.

3. Any Occasion Top

Maybe a complete orange dress is too much for you.  For a evening look try an orange top with black heels and jeans.  Add some fun statement jewelry and you’ve got a complete look.

Orange Ruffle Shirt from Forever 21 $19.80

Try this orange ruffle shirt from Forever 21, only $19.80.

4. Earrings

If you are afraid to incorporate orange into your wardrobe, start with a small amount of orange in your accessories.   A great way to add some color around your face is with a pair of coral earrings.  Even if you are dressed in all black, you’ll standout in the snow with bright accessories.

Couture Candy Coral Earrings, $40.00.

Try a splash of orange with these coral earrings from Couture Candy, $40.00.

5. Shoes

Every girl loves shoes.  No matter what kind of day you’re having you can always count on your shoes to look good.  Add a pair of orange shoes to your collection and start wearing them right away.

Pettinelli Flats from Aldo, $20.99.

Wear these orange flats to add color to any outfit this winter. Currently on clearance at for $20.99.

Frugal Fashion Tip

Always start at the sale rack when you go into a store.  If you can find what you’re looking for on sale first you’ll save yourself a lot of money.  I usually search the sale rack at multiple stores before I buy something that’s not on clearance.

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4 Responses to Fashion Trend: Bright Orange

  1. DyneOh says:

    I’m thinking an orange wrap dress would be fun! Thanks for the tips, Kaitlin.

  2. stefaniemoore says:

    So glad to see you’re still blogging. And I’m glad that orange is “hip.” One of my favorite colors. Not sure I could pull off the orange shoes, though.

    • Orange shoes are tough. Maybe if you were on vacation at the beach you could get away with it. With all the snow here in Ohio, it seems ridiculous to wear bright colors. Maybe when the sun comes out you’ll be more willing to give orange shoes a try.

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