About the Blog

Welcome to The Little Black Dress for Less.  This blog is about how to dress for less.  Just because you don’t have the budget of a Beverly Hills fashionista, doesn’t mean you can’t dress like one.  With a little patience and a few tips from me, you’ll be just as trendy as the Kardashian sisters, at a fraction of the cost.


Shopping bags.

Image provided by Google.


With that being said, I have three goals for this blog.

  1. To inform my readers about current fashion trends.
  2. To provide my readers with information on stores offering current trends for less.
  3. To provide my readers with money saving tips to create a chic yet cheap wardrobe.

So explore my posts, find the latest trends and shop for less.

Header images provided by Jincey Lumpkin, 12AllChat.com, and Polyvore.


One Response to About the Blog

  1. Meredith Wilson says:

    Your blog is super helpful! I absolutely loved the post about Taylor Swift, finally a role model for young girls. She definitely stays true to herself and maintains a look that screams CLASSY! Keep the posts coming, they are a treat 🙂

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